The JavaScript (ES6) CODING Workbook: 400 Coding exercises (with solutions)!

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⭐ Athletic repetitions & spaced repetition = greater SKILLS!

Spaced repetition is an evidence-based learning technique which means to revisit information regularly at set intervals over time. It is highly effective because it optimizes the learning process by helping you to retain information better over a longer time period.

Athletic repetition is also called deliberate practice. It means to practice a skill over and over again till you build muscle memory. In this case practicing lots of coding exercises to get better at JavaScript. So each concept comes with its own set of questions.

Practicing the coding exercises for each concept will lead to a better understanding in JavaScript enabling you to:

  1. pickup frameworks like React.js, Vue.js more easily. Since these are JavaScript libraries/frameworks and require an understanding of JavaScript
  2. It will also allow you to make concentrate on making bigger projects more easily asn faster. Because now you have a solid foundation

As a coding instructor for the last 7 years , I've  always been asked:

Will I get a job after this?

How many projects do I need to complete in order to start interviewing?

How should I prepare for technical interviews? What will I be asked?

Some questions from hiring managers after the bootcamp include:

How well are they prepared?

Do they understand the core concepts of JavaScript?

Do they know JavaScript well enough, so that we can onboard them ASAP?


To help my own students and others I have filtered, sorted and organized vast amounts of information in a way to make it easier for you to LEARN and PREPARE at the same time.

✔️ Practice over 400+ coding exercises. Answers provided. This is based on something called athletic repetitions.

✔️ Get down to the nitty gritty of JavaScript. Practice the often neglected parts such as the this keyword, hoisting and more.

✔️ Answer questions about advanced ES topics without having done whole projects on them.

✔️ Start preparing to interview ASAP!


This is specifically written for:

1. Self taught learners

2. Coding bootcamp graduates

3. Developers from QA testing , java devs, python devs or other backgrounds looking to move into web development

4. Devs currently interviewing who want a reference guide to aid them

⭐ Reinforce concepts practically with 400+ JavaScript exercises.

You will save tons of hours researching the internet for potential JavaScript interview questions by using this book that has interview questions asked by real companies such as Cognizant, Microsoft, and smaller indie web development companies.

Answers provided.

Job Interview Prep ➜  13 - 14 coding exercises a day ➜  400 coding exercises completed in 1 month

Sample coding exercises:

Chapter 1 sample questions

Sample question on Objects and Classes

Sample question on Arrays

Extra questions

Sample question on Prototype and Inheritance

Extra questions


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A short & concise guide with 400+ coding exercises to start interviewing confidently.

400 + Coding exercises
Answer guide
Line by Line explanations of code


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The JavaScript (ES6) CODING Workbook: 400 Coding exercises (with solutions)!

7 ratings
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